KU Memorial Union at the University of Kansas

Join the Jayhawk Flock.

Join us and make a difference in a thriving campus community!  Our 1000+ team members are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences, inspiring programs, and cutting-edge facilities to our KU Students.

Seize the opportunity to learn, work, and serve while creating experiences beyond the classroom.


The University of Kansas Memorial Corporation empowers and enriches KU students by offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and engagement. Through our vibrant dining locations, captivating events, state-of-the-art student union facilities, and dynamic bookstore operation, we extend learning and experiences beyond the confines of the classroom.

As the largest student employer on campus, we take immense pride in providing transformative work. Our unwavering commitment is to create a social, cultural, and community hub at the heart of the university.



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Experience the Memorial Union advantage with competitive wages and comprehensive health and dental benefits. We believe in work-life balance and provide generous paid time off for sick days, vacations, and holidays.


Secure your future with our competitive retirement savings plan, featuring a generous employer match of 7.5%. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we prioritize the long-term financial well-being of our dedicated employees.

Time off

​​At The Memorial Union, we prioritize our employees with flexible scheduling, generous vacation and holiday time, and sick leave with full pay. Enjoy minimal peak times, relax during holidays and school breaks, and accumulate unused sick leave. Join us and experience a workplace that puts your well-being first.



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Referral Bonus

All positions offer a referral bonus for successfully referring new employees to the organization. Have fun in a fun environment with your friends!

Great Scheduling

Our jobs offer flexible schedules, so you can balance your life and work just how you want. This helps you manage your own schedule and do what's important to you.

Retirement Contribution

All part-time positions at the Memorial Union come with a 7.5% employer retirement contribution. This demonstrates the organization's commitment to supporting employees in planning for their future and securing their financial well-being.

Work With Your Friends

Receive a monetary referral bonus for every friend you refer.  Join the largest diverse student employer on campus and make new friends every shift.


Fantastic schedules ensure you prioritize your learning. Choose the best location for your academic schedule.

Federal Work Study Eligibility

All positions are eligible for Federal Work Study, providing opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience while pursuing their education. This allows students to earn income while working in a supportive environment.

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Full-time career opportunities

Our full-time positions at KU Memorial Union provide a unique opportunity to learn, work, and serve while creating unforgettable moments for our valued KU students. Explore available opportunities by clicking here!

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Supervisor KU Dining - Maintenance Manager - Cook - Catering Captain -
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Part-time job opportunities

Seize the opportunity to learn, work, and serve in our part-time non-student positions available throughout Dining, Bookstore, Event Services, and Facilities Management. Our Part time positions frequently promote interally and provide many opportunities to grow within the company.

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Catering Assistant Manager - Cook KU Dining - Satellite Custodial Lead - 
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Building Services



Why work at campus dining?

The hours and schedule we offer at KU Dining are the best when compared to restuarants or chains. With minimal weekend and holiday shifts, and our peak times being at the start of the school year, we offer the best balance you'll find in the hospitality industry.

How is the Memorial Union related to the University of Kansas?

The Memorial Union is a non-profit affiliate of the University of Kansas. As KU's community center and the heart of campus, we are dedicated to serving the University and its community. Our mission is to provide inviting spaces, inspiring programs, and high-quality facilities, services, and conveniences for the entire University community.

What kind of jobs are available?

At the Memorial Union, we offer a wide range of job opportunities that cover every aspect of our operations. Here's a glimpse into the diverse roles you can find within our organization:  

1. Dining: We have over 18 dining locations, each offering unique culinary experiences. From chefs and servers to baristas and kitchen staff, there are numerous opportunities to contribute to our vibrant dining scene.  So many leadership opportunities for advancement with part time and full time schedules.

2. Administrative and Leadership: Our administrative and leadership roles play a crucial role in keeping our operations running smoothly. These positions encompass various departments, ensuring effective coordination and strategic decision-making.

3. Bookstore: Our bustling bookstore operation is where retail meets academia. We offer positions related to retail sales, textbook merchandise, customer service, and more, providing a dynamic environment for those passionate about the intersection of education and commerce.

4. Catering and Event Services: Our catering and event services team is responsible for orchestrating thousands of events each year. Whether it's coordinating logistics, providing exceptional service, or creating memorable experiences, this department offers exciting opportunities for individuals with a flair for hospitality.  

5. Building Services: Our buildings are more than just structures; they're inviting spaces that foster a positive environment. Our building services positions focus on maintaining the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our facilities, ensuring they are up-to-date and welcoming to all.  

In addition to this diverse range of positions, we offer both full-time and part-time jobs tailored to suit the needs of students and non-students alike. Whether you're seeking a career-oriented role or a flexible job that accommodates your studies or other commitments, we have opportunities that align with your goals.

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